Printed fabrics, drawings, prints and paintings

Lucy Clive who established herself running a successful fashion business in the 1980’s has created an innovative new collection of furnishing fabrics, produced under her new label Clivework and consists of three designs, Arbeit, Entente and Prima, each printed in three colourways on a linen union.

Clive creates highly individual fabrics using strong but subtle colour combinations, using a very personal visual language. She uses drawing and screen printing to develop chance mark making into intricate and stylish designs. Clive strives to create visually exciting fabrics that do more than just cover windows, she wants them to resonate. The designs are conceived to work individually or to be used alongside each other as they create intriguing and pleasing juxtapositions.

She says “In designing these fabrics my aim was to create something visually exciting that does more than just cover windows but adds drama and depth to a room. I have a wide range of influ-ences including primitive art, contemporary painting, buildings and natural things particularly the sea, its movement and refraction of light that continually changes its appearance.  Architectural structure and stained glass design has also influenced how I developed these designs so that they work individually or alongside each other to create interesting and exciting juxtapositions.”

Clivework was established in 2013 and runs from a studio in Acton, west London, all the fabrics and cushions are printed and made in England. Lucy - Tanz Screen
After graduating from the Central School of Art and Design, Lucy Clive ran a successful business during the 1980’s selling clothes made from her printed fabrics, retailing from her outlet in Hyper Hyper in Kensington and exporting worldwide.