Fabric Information

Fabric Information
Clivework fabrics are predominantly made from 100% natural fibres, with no added resins or chemical treatments. This means that when cleaning they require a little more care than manmade fibres. These fabrics can be sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature. Natural fabrics can shrink when washed. Dry cleaning can also cause shrinkage. Allow enough extra material to take these factors into account. Natural fabrics can have occasional ‘slubs’ in the weave and these are not faults but part of the charm of a natural product.

Colour Variations
Colour variations are unavoidable between production batches. We cannot guarantee current production will match previous orders or original samples. Where colour match is critical please ask for a batch cutting.

Sun Fading
All fabrics fade, the face should not to be exposed to direct sunlight. All curtains must be lined and we recommend the use of blackout linings on curtains to protect upholstery from sunlight.

Loose Covers
If using a washable fabric: to minimise the risk of shrinkage, wash fabric before making up, including any lining for the skirt and always ensure that piping cord is pre-shrunk. If using a dry clean only fabric make the cover 5% bigger to allow for shrinkage during the dry cleaning process.

Tight Upholstery
We strongly recommend that new upholstery should be treated with a stain protector.

Add extra length onto any finished measurement to allow for any ‘rising’ – see approx. shrinkages below.

Flame Retardancy for upholstery or loose covers

Light upholstery use/Flame Retardancy – For domestic upholstery please refer to the website description of your cloth, if it is suitable for upholstery use it will have a detailed description of its FR status. In general our fabrics will either require to be used in combination with a suitable FR interliner (ask your upholsterer) or backcoating to meet the relevant FR standards – we can arrange FR coatings to meet required standards, this service usually takes two weeks & there is additional cost per metre.

Loose Covers made in washable fabrics
Use a cool wash (30°c max) on a short cycle, finishing with a short spin. Do not tumble dry. Shake out thoroughly, then ease covers back onto to furniture when slightly damp. This will allow you to stretch them back into the correct shape & size.

Unlined Curtains
Unlined curtains can be washed (follow the instructions for loose covers above) but undo the hem first. With lined curtains it is better to separate the lining from the main fabric at the sides and hem, as the two may shrink at different rates.

Interlined and blackout lined curtains
DO NOT WASH. Hand made interlined curtains can only be dry cleaned by a curtain specialist.

When washing fabrics, use a powder/liquid that has no bleach or optical whiteners, wash at 30°c and do not tumble dry.

Approx Shrinkages
UK/EU pre-shrunk cottons 3-5%
Linen Unions 5-10% (DRY CLEAN ONLY)
Heavy Linens 5-8% (DRY CLEAN ONLY)
Light weight Linens 3-6%